What You Can Expect From One of Our Taster Sessions!

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Upon arrival you will see the hall beautifully organised ready for the fun night ahead. The chairs will be separated into three sections for sopranos, altos and tenors but don't worry if this sounds too technical and unfamiliar we have plenty of ushers there to help, all we want to know is whether you sing low, middle or high! Simplez!

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As you enter you will be welcomed into the hall and will be met by our friendly team on the front desk. You can simply tell them your name and whether you've booked a taster session or not. They will then give you a short form to fill out which you then give back to one of our ushers. You can continue on to find yourself a seat and prepare for a FUN filled evening!

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At 6.30pm the musical director will take to the floor and you will begin your vocal warm ups! This is the part where you can completely let go of all your worries and sing from your soul.

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After an uplifting evening if you decide that you wish to join the choir you can then collect your form from one of the ushers and continue to the cashier to register for the term!

... aaaaaand 14 weeks later ...

You will then be part of our soul family and will perform at a prestigious venue!